We are a Worker Co-operative

EnerGreen Builders Co-operative is a worker co-operative registered in New Brunswick under the Co-operatives Association Act. As a worker co-operative, we are a business that is owned and democratically controlled by our members.

We are members of the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation and Co-operative Enterprise Council in New Brunswick.

EnerGreen Builders Co-operative has six(6) members, three(3) of whom were founding members in 2006.

Our Members

  • John Kilpatrick, President
  • Bill Cook
  • Deanna Leaman
  • Shamus Griffith
  • Marc Spence

Although we are devoted to EnerGreen Builders Co-operative, our members lead interesting lives doing other things. Take a look at our personal links webpage to learn more about our members’ interests beyond EnerGreen.