New Construction

EnerGreen Builders Co-operative has been recognized by the home building industry and Efficiency NB as a designer and builder of some of the most energy efficient homes in New Brunswick.  Using a passive solar design and detailed construction techniques EnerGreen incorporates simple low maintenance technology.

We will guide you through the process of determining the suitability of a building lot, designing and orienting your home to utilize the sun’s heat to reduce your annual energy costs.

Our members/carpenters and sub-trades generally work in the Tantramar region of south-eastern New Brunswick and would like to build your home in this area.  If you live outside the Tantramar area EnerGreen would be pleased to provide consulting services on the installation techniques specific to passive solar homes for you and your local builder.

Passive solar design and detailed construction techniques

EnerGreen Builders Co-operative is a registered new home builder with
Efficiency New Brunswick, R2000 and is committed to build LEED Homes.